The Ganesh Project (formerly is anchored in America’s yoga scene. Our core associates are nourished - mind, body and soul, from our associations with the Hanuman, Bhakti and Shakti Festivals. These events, located in Boulder, Colorado and Joshua Tree, California, respectively, provide a deep well of love, mindfulness and compassion for our planet.

The Ganesh Project represents our roots - an extension of our original incarnation - We continue to draw volunteers from the yoga community for staffing our various programs in Asia.

We are growing beyond our roots in the yoga community - this is the impetus for changing our name to We have become involved in issues beyond the Asian Elephant. There is much cross-over and learning to be done while sharing knowledge between Africa and Asia. Many people have come to us with ideas about minimizing China’s demand for ivory (essentially an African problem), while we are also in the midst of developing a unique orphaned elephant milk formula. Of the former, one of our collaborators has written a child’s book intended for the Chinese market. She tactfully plants the seed of awareness in Chinese children about where ivory comes from, and why it belongs on a live elephant and not on their parents mantle. Of the latter, we are learning much from the methods of milk production used at the Reteti Orphanage in Africa.

While we expand to encompass African elephant conservation, we are also reaching out to Western audience beyond the yoga communities. Most laypersons in the West aren’t aware of the Hindu Deities, and the elephant god - Ganesh. Our name used to confuse these people and they may also have confused us as a religious organization.

Welcome to the new - The Ganesh Project.