Conservation Filmmaking

Why is this Beneficial to our Conservation Initiatives ?

Our Method of Choice is documentary filmmaking, supported by science and technology.

We put ourselves on the line --- The Front Line.

The Method

We have a unique model for saving elephants and are passionate about our work. We provide a platform for talented filmmakers, writers and scientists to join us with their own passion and talent. We often embed ourselves with the rangers and veterinarians of Sri Lanka's Department of Wildlife, the veterinarians of MTE (Myanmar Timber Enterprise), naturalists at India's jungle lodges or our own veteran trackers and conservationists.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to educate the masses about the threats endangering the Asian Elephants, as well as the challenges faced by local villagers and farmers. As conservationists, we long ago determined that documentary film and social media is the contemporary way to effect cultural change. Our crews range from beginners to veterans; from interns and students to the merely curious. At any level, and with any skill set, we provide the platform for you to either learn, or ply your trade. We’ve produced over 100 films in the past few years - videoblogs, and documentary shorts are the contemporary genre.’s average weekly reach on Facebook is now 20,000. When we have new films, we often reach 500,000/week. This is more than small market television channels!

Whether an independent NGO, or aspiring one; an established media company or film corporation - we can help. We are all conservationists by heart, but often people don’t know how to combine their skills with their passion. Our executive director has mentored many amd guided diverse groups on tours and projects of a lifetime. His 20 year history of work in Sri Lanka and India means he, and we, are deeply embedded with the culture. We are networked with the experts, both in government and local conservationists. We will provide you the “backstory” on any multitude of topics - making you the expert and allowing you to focus on shaping your presentation. You may have a unique perspective and audience, and this is perfect, because our reach becomes ever deeper and broader.

It's All For Love of Elephants

The SavingGanesh crew has flown to Sri Lanka in order to document the current issues around elephants. We invite you to be a part of the conversation and comment with your voice. Our intention is to bring you the story in real-time, so you can participate in the exploration alongside us.

Shot entirely on an iPhone. This story reflects the behind the scenes events of a trip made by a small crew of documentarians in late 2014/early 2015 as they traveled to Sri Lanka to cover the plight of the Sri Lankan Elephant. Contact for more info.

A wild elephant found itself trapped within the confines of the sacred ancient city of Anuradhapura. He became spooked as police honked horns at him, agitating and confusing him. He encountered unsuspecting bicyclists and trampled them. Department of Wildlife rangers located and dart-tranquilized him, but unfortunately he swam across a ranging river and hid in the jungle.