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Living with Elephants Booklet

Sri Lanka Education Outreach

Why does a grandson who lives on a farm near elephant habitat plant succulent vegetables adjacent to the paddy field as well as a small grove of banana trees right outside his grandmothers kitchen? Why are villagers surprised when an elephant follows the trail out of the nearby forest and right to grandma’s kitchen window? Why are people surprised when the elephant pushes down the wall to eat grains that are stored in grandma’s kitchen - killing or injuring her in the doing?

Why are so many farmers killed while protecting their cultivations? Why do so many farmers invite their family and friends to party in these same fields as they supposedly help protect the field from elephant raiding? Why is it not reported that farmers represent up to 70 percent of elephant caused human deaths? Why is it that it goes unreported that “Uncle” was drunk while chasing elephants in the night, and that he got so close as to whack the elephant’s behind! Was he showboating? Is it embarrassing to report to the press that Uncle died due to drunkeness, ego and idiocy! Why would the elephants be blamed?

These are the things that we have witnessed first hand - and that we are duty bound to stop!

Our new booklet “Living With Elephants” is our attempt to explain why smart farming and smart elephant deterrence will help save elephants from death and eventual extinction.

Chapters of our booklet will include: Scientific Elephant Facts, Behaviors Am/Pm and Needs for Safe Corridor • Sustainable Community Management and Ele-Habitat Co-Existence Design • When to call a Ranger or a Vet • Issues with Translocations / Bull Retention Center (Alternative Solutions) • Threats to Elephants (Hakapatus, Snares, Trap Guns, Home-made Electric Fences, Environmental Pollutants, Community Mob Behavior, Wells, Habitat Loss. • Religion - (Buddhism, Hinduism & Muslim - Shared Core Ethics, Animal Welfare • Effective Soft Deterrence / including - how to build Wind Torches • Elephants in Economy - Cottage Industries, Tourism, Wild Eco-Tours, Upcycled & Ethical Natural Handmade Crafts inspiring CoExistence & Love for Elephants • Translated & Printed in Sinhalese & Tamil • Collaboration with Department of Wildlife Conservation.