Human/Elephant Conflict (HEC)

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Hakka Patas are formed by poachers mixing black powder with tasty food and gravel. An explosive food ball is thus formed and placed out in the field to kill wild game. The poachers are likely doing this as an easy way to gain a meal, or more likely to make money selling the ill-gotten meat to local markets.
"The Railroad Collision": We witness the aftermath of the killing of two young elephants by a careless railroad conductor. The train was estimated to have been traveling at 50km per hour, when the posted speed limit is only 20. Being a highly used elephant corridor requires these slow speeds.
From Hambantota's broken fences, to captive babies and a charging bull, our crew sees it all! HD-LW5
The Elephant & Her Unborn - Challenges of Sri Lanka's Rangers. Ampara District, Sri Lanka - Resource deprived -- Sri Lanka's rangers and veterinarians are racing against time to save the endangered elephants. We traveled to the remotest part of the Ampara District - a formerly forbidden area controlled by the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) for nearly 30 years.