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Our Mission

Elephants are sacred in the cultures of Asia - through film, social media, science and spiritual understanding, we serve as a channel to bridge modern concepts with old traditions.  Our goal is to provide support for the protection of elephants and their wild habitats.  

We are monitoring the plight of this endangered species and working as a liaison between farmers, villagers, DWC, local conservationists and the veterinarians to develop sustainable management practices. 

We are a group of impassioned individuals, including volunteer filmmakers, veterinarians, wildlife biologist, naturalists and sustainable scientists. 

ElephantsNOW.org provides a platform for this diverse group to apply their unique skill sets, and through collaborative spirit, we are empowered to improve the welfare of elephants by empowering the communities that live alongside of them with the awareness and tools to do so.

Our Programs:

  • Ele-Care Volunteer Veterinarians & Educational Exchange  

  • Frontline News & Conservation Outreach

  • Living with Elephants: Booklets & Educational Placards: 
    Practical Guide to Coexistence  

    • Non-Invasive Deterrence Solutions

    • Natural Buffer Zones 

    • Elephant Behavioral Patterns, Facts, Threats, Needs & When to Call a Ranger or Veterinarian

    • Write, Translate & Publish 

  • Orphaned Elephants: Nutrition & Maternal Care Team: Innovating Organic Milk Formula & Production Facility with Local Sourcing that will be Community Owned & Managed

  • EcoTourism: EcoLodges & NonInvasive Wild Viewing Platforms

  • Organic Growing Techniques ~ Permaculture

  • ReWilding Elephant Corridors

  • Elephant Habitat Preservation: Mapping Existing Corridors

  • Sustainable Community Management & Ethical Elephant Management

  • Elephants in Economy: Upcycled Cottage Industries & Ethical Handmade Elephant Crafts

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About Elephants:

Elephants are Highly Intelligent, Altruistic, Emotional and Self-Aware Sentient Beings.

The Sri Lankan Elephant is one of three subspecies of Asian Elephants, as well as the largest. You can tell an Asian Elephant apart from an African Elephant by their pink patched skin painted with freckles. a rainbow arch-shaped back, much smaller ears, and of course their Heart-shaped head and Heart-tipped trunk.

Height: 8 - 10 ft Weight: 4,400 - 12,000 lbs"


We are Elephant Conservationists

Our Method of Choice is Documentary Filmmaking, 

supported by Science and Technology.

We put ourselves on the line…The Front Line.

Inspired by our Founder’s First Assignment in Sri Lanka, 1998 "Elephants of Paradise”

We have a unique model for Saving Elephants, by providing a platform for Conservation Activist, Talented Filmmakers and Scientists to join us with their own passion and talent. We work with leading Elephant Experts, Rangers, Veterinarians and Sri Lanka’s Department