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We provide the logistical, translator, and expert support necessary to complete projects in a timely and economical manner. We are always on the front lines and are devoted to our elephants. We support tour companies thru our sister organization


Every year

how we do it

We work alongside the veterinarians, rangers and farmers in the field. 

We provide the backstory - expediting your goals - journalism or film.

Your contributions help us continue our work as a non-profit.



Years in Sri Lanka/india

Founder Philip Price first stepped into S. Asia in 1998 as production assistant on the film “Elephants of Paradise.” Thirty-five years a conservationist, 30 years a conservation geologist.



number of videoblogs/films

We are like elephant TV - reporting from the front lines. Veterinarians, wildlife biologists, sustainable scientists…different genres, different specialities…all delivery the same story - elephants are at risk of extinction.